“Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anyone can start today and make a new ending.” Maria Robinson


My Coaching Sessions are designed to assist and support the individuals in finding their own resources and finding unique approaches to utilize and express them in effortless, efficient and creative ways. Intermodel Expressive Art Therapy Methods and Group Therapy Principles facilitate these processes.


“Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it. Anonymous


I have been 

working with disadvantaged children and teenagers coming from migrant families toward developing resilience, self-esteem, human rights awareness, and non-violent communication skills. (ex: ElimSende Association).


working with activist women toward self-care, wellbeing, collaboration and solidarity building.(ex: Beyond Borders Initiative, AWID Forum Wellbeing Team).


working with teenagers toward developing self-expression skills & non-violent communication skills for peace building (ex: WinPeace, PeaceRevolution MENA Salam Fellowship, PeaceRevolution European Peace Summit, Circle of Hope Project).


› working with corporations, social workers, NGO teams: sharing body awareness and movement tools; sharing ensemble practices for developing collaboration skills and team spirit; assisting personal, organizational processes and self-reflective documentation practices. (ex: Yapı Kredi Bank Culture and Arts Department, Mus Women’s Roof Association, ElimSende Association, Institute for the Study of Somatic Communication).


› working with facilitators and Art Therapy students and sharing movement and body awareness, team building, non-verbal communication modalities. (ex: Psychiatry Clinque of Uludag University, Auro Psychotherapy and Art Therapy Center, Autism Association, Art Therapy Congresses).

mentoring and coaching individual artists in their creative processes; assisting students of MA and PhD during their creation and documentation procedures. (ex: MSGSU Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Universtiy, Wien Konservatorium, ImPulsTanz: Vienna International Dance Festival, Gdansk Dance Festival, Moving Across Residency, Private Individual Sessions).

› mentoring and coaching individuals in their personal and professional lives on developing skills for self-expression, communications skills and stress management.


Without the ability to think about yourself, to reflect on your life, there’s really no awareness, no consciousness. Consciousness doesn’t come automatically; it comes through being alive, awake, curious, and often furious.”  Maxine Greene


In the heart of all my coaching sessions lies the principle of being seriously joyful and joyfully serious!


“To be creative you actually have to do something.”   Ken Robinson