Latest Past Events

Impro & Shells 2022 – Brittany – france

Trévou Tréguignec

A week of dance improvisation and research by the sea! (French version is here) With Sarah Konner, Emma Bigé, Defne Erdur, Céline Robineau, Catherine Kych & Bradley T Ellis From August 20 to 26, 2022 in Trévou Tréguignec There will be early days to enjoy the joys of Brittany in the summer (beach, walking, visiting, lazing around, picnicking …), early afternoons to unfold and weave together our curiosities, afternoons to meet the universes of the invited teachers and evenings to […]

Embodying Consent

Arsenal Wien

gently getting back to touch, reclaiming contact with care After a long, precarious period of witnessing our own inner movements and surviving in small, confined spaces for moving, maybe witnessing others via online platforms we will now meet in opening bodies in open spaces! As always, we will all be coming from different places and shades of sensitivity. Maybe some of us already moved in open spaces and in festivals during the summer. But now, more than ever, calls for […]

Every Body Knows

Arsenal Wien

Find your own resources for resilience! There is nothing new under the sun! And yet what is already there invites us to dive deeper into the layers of our presence; to seek a conscious yet liberated and sovereign place to dance from. Together we will be zooming into our physical, emotional and mental foundation. We will be working with the sensations and anatomical make up of our bodies, directing our awareness to responses for inner and outer stimuli. With the […]