“The gardener does not make a plant grow. The job of a gardener is to create optimal conditions for growth.” Ken Robinson

work with different populations ranging from professional dancers to amateur movers; from individuals seeking support for their psycho-social and psycho-physical wellbeing to therapists seeking creative approaches and embodiment practices for working with their own clients. 

In years, I have worked intensively with women, children & youth.

In the last decade I have been giving private individual session and facilitating group sessions. I have been regularly teaching for organizations like ImPulsTanz, MSGSU Istanbul State Conservatory, Konservatorium Wien, ElimSende Association, ÇATI Contemporary Dance Artists Association, and CI-Turkey besides offering my workshops “Hunting Gathering Cultivating“, “Every Body Knows“, “Gravitating to Joy”, “Embodying Consent”, and “Embodying Time” around the world. I have also been supporting AWID Forum, WINPeace, Beyond Borders and Peace Revolution Initiatives.


Artistically, I am mainly interested in instant compositions and site specific performances. In 2014, my on-going solo performance “in between prayers” which was perceived as having significant impact on the physical intervention called “standing man” during the socio-political revolts in Turkey, and my dedication to non-violent communication took me to Thailand. I was selected for “Meditation Artistic Retreat” to collaborate with 19 other artists towards creating the Samadhi Santi Collection for Peace. Henceforth, I have become one of the meditation trainers of World Peace Initiative Foundation. 


Sometimes it’s not that you’re not capable of doing it; it’s just that, you can do better when someone is holding your hand. Anonymous