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“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” Voltaire


MA thesis : Seeking the Truth of Sex: Narratives of Sexuality Amongst Boğaziçi University Students.

PhD thesis : Dance Education on the Transitive Line Between Life and Art : Contributions of the Technique, Methodology and Pedagogy of Contact Improvisation to the Physical, Artistic and Psycho-social Development of Amateur Dancers.

The Somatic NOTEbook : Tracing Forwards – Intersecting (Somatic) Legacies and Future (Art) Practices : Waiting for the Compass to Show a New North 

Digital Publication : MIND THE DANCE : A Guide/ A Movement to Documenting Contemporary Dance/ Movement Teaching. (

Proceedings from the Document Academy : Taylor and Erdur, Reflective Documentation as a Movement Potential: Two Digital Platforms Building a Professional Learning Community

Proceedings from the 2nd European Conference on Somatic Experiencing : Unity, Variety, Diversity Embodied: Resolving Trauma & Restoring Goodness in the World : Erdur, D.  Every Body Knows: A Movement-Based Training for Somatic Experiencing Educational Program

Digital Documentations of Classes and Workshop Notes and Editorials on (